About us

A group of Hanna’s friends with his wife Patricia, strive to keep his wishes and way of living alive through helping people the way he wanted and with the way of living that was so important to Hanna.

The Hanna Lahoud Foundation (HLF) aims to honor his memory and disseminate the spirit and way Hanna did things by transforming people’s lives: “one struggle at a time, one smile at a time”.

The Hanna Lahoud Foundation is dedicated to maintaining Hanna’s spirit and approach to life. This especially includes fighting to overcome difficulties, spreading hope and optimism to those fighting their fights with courage and hope, in particular people with cancer and people struggling to improve their life through education and personal development.

We all share the values that Hanna stands for: Kindness, Passion for life, Humility, Integrity and Justice, and we are ready to support those carrying these values.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: To help people that struggle to transform their reality with a smile. The way Hanna struggled and overcame it with strength, hope and a smile

Values: Transforming people’s lives one struggle at time, one smile at a time

HLF aims at positioning itself as a platform and strong supporter for exceptional people struggling towards achieving better health, educational and life outcomes.

HLF strives to spread Hanna’s way in being there for people. Fighting their fights with courage and hope and finding the strength within them to face their struggle with a contagious smile.

HLF is an opportunity for struggling cancer survivors to walk their journey with positivity, hope and optimism.

HLF spreads Hanna’s way in becoming the person. It is an inspiration and solid support for people struggling to pursue their education.

HLF also commits to play a convener role in mobilizing resources and actors to advocate jointly towards their common objectives.


To honor Hanna Lahoud’s inspiration and example to others by supporting activities, events, dissemination, mobilization and advocacy that exemplify his values and approach to life.

To provide psychosocial support and facilitate exchange of information between cancer patients, survivors and their families to improve their wellbeing.

To ensure access to education and a better life for persons who share Hanna’s values, have great motivation but with modest means.

To sustain Hanna’s memory and the memory of all those supported by the HLF through reforesting the cedar trees in Lebanon.

HLF is non-profit, non-partisan, non-political, and non-religious and aims to support people in a professional and sustainable way.

HLF has a board of Founders responsible for the planning and strategic focus of the Foundation, and for mobilizing networks of friends, supporters and communities.

Our Team