ICRC First Annual Hanna Lahoud International Wheelchair Basketball Cup 2018

Tripoli, Lebanon, 28 November to 1 December 2018

Hanna Lahoud Foundation Speech

Good afternoon,

Hanna’s love for life, his beautiful soul, and his way of overcoming the difficulties and hurdles of this life, with all integrity, love, dedication, honor, positivity and humility were our motive and inspiration, us, his friends, wife Patricia and close family, to honor his memory by creating a Foundation that holds his name.

This Foundation operates around the principles that he believed in and fought for.

Hanna Lahoud Foundation will strive to follow the same approach of Hanna that is full of Love for life, hope, optimism and courage so the people would get to know more about him so he becomes their inspiration, especially those who are fighting cancer and struggling to improve their life through education and personal development.

Based on the Foundation’s objectives, on Hanna initially being a physiotherapist and his continuous passion for individuals struggling for a better life, the Foundation has decided to launch its first public activity in the form of a prize dedicated to the most valuable player. The MVP is the one with excellent team action, dedication to the sport and the highest performance.

The coach of each playing team will vote for 3 players from the other teams, ranking them according to the MVP criteria.

The prize is 1000$ that would be dedicated for a project selected by the winner, which would contributes directly to his personal development being on the educational or professional level.

We wish you all the best of luck and thank the ICRC and TDSA and Jinane University on all their efforts in making this happen.

All the love and appreciation to Hanna’s family, Patricia and our colleagues at Hanna Lahoud Foundation.